Looking for a great way to market your book to a broad audience online? Why not consider doing a virtual book tour! Instead of physically travelling around from town to town doing in-person promotional events, you get to do ‘blog stops’ on a number of different book blogger’s sites. The tour is made up of reviews, author spotlights and guest post articles.

It’s a fun, easy and cost effective way to promote your book that’s been proven to really work!

1. Each blogger taking part in the virtual book tour has their own group of followers – the blog stops will allow you to reach a huge amount of new readers through the trusted medium of ‘word of mouth’! And what’s more, those links and book review pages will stay active on each blog site (although they may be archived), allowing new followers of that blog to come across your book at a later date.

2. The virtual book tour allows you to connect with and potentially form lasting relationships with influential book bloggers. Having those kinds of contacts is an invaluable tool that may help to raise your author profile and result in book bloggers willing to review and promote your future books.

3. A virtual book tour can increase your reviews! Getting those high quality reviews is key to encouraging people to choose to read your book!

4. The virtual book tour will also mean that you have lasting links to your books. Linkbacks from the tour will continue to drive organic web traffic to your books, broadening your reach and increasing your sales.

5. A virtual book tour means that you get to interact and communicate with your existing and potential readers via the medium of writing. For those who may find it intimidating to promote their book in a crowded (or worse, an empty) bookstore, a virtual tour eliminates that worry and allows the author to concentrate on what they do best – writing. Let your readers get to know you through the medium through which you may feel most comfortable.

6. A virtual book takes place online. You don’t need to worry about the associated travel or lodging costs of promoting your book. Just sit back, relax and watch the publicity roll in.

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Ashley Jane Leonard